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Cinegy: 4K and IP for production

4K production completely in software, using IP end-to-end (apart from the camera for now) is reality today and the only flexible and affordable way to do it, contends Cinegy. The company also projects that small, mobile production setups will ultimately be just powerful laptops.

At its IBC stand, Cinegy is demonstrating its vision with production systems for 4K based on video over IP using ordinary Gigabit Ethernet.

The live camera signals are converted using Cinegy Encode from HDMI or 4x 3G SDI to IP and then transmitted via LAN to Cinegy Live, Cinegy’s 4K software based vision mixer. The 4K IP signals can at the same time be recorded by Cinegy Capture to formats such as XAVC and multiple lower-res proxy formats (for instance XDCAM HD422, DNxHD, and various H.264 web formats) in realtime.

The 4K IP signals as well as all other IP signals can be monitored using Cinegy’s Multiviewer software-based monitoring product that also analyses the content and alerts in case of problems.

The new Cinegy Air playout software can play pre-recorded 4K files or pass thru live streams with channel branding added to it. Cinegy Air itself can deliver 4K, HD and SD IP streams simultaneously as outputs.

To round it up, this is running inside virtual machines on Cinegy’s Private Cloud in its small IBC booth server rack.