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Cine Flex Vest – camera support for women

Easyrig has brought out a new Cine Flex Vest, designed specially for female camera operators. It will fit all Easyrig support bars, but is aimed particularly at the Cinema 3 and Vario 5.

Prototypes have recently been tested by female camera users. According to Diana Rackow, a US-based DoP, the lightweight design is very comfortable.

“From the lower lumbar support to the cinch straps over the chest, [it] allows the load of the camera/gimbalto be mounted with ease no matter what rig you’re gunning with,” she said.

A scoliosis sufferer, Rackow added: “The Cinema Flex makes my long days with my full rig a breeze. […] My back pain has decreased and now I can focus on the shot and not the pain.”

Josefin Owe, a Swedish DoP, said, “The vest offered extraordinary support around the chest. The load on the shoulders and back will be much more balanced.”

“The new vest is a wonderful upgrade to the one I used with the Easyrig Mini,” said US DoP Blaire Johnson. “The pockets are a very welcome addition, allowing me to keep my batteries and cards by my side at all times without the need for an additional gear bag on my hip.”