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Cindy PCI with ad management

The Cindy advertising management software has been updated so that it can control nonlinear campaigns as well as linear TV and radio ones. The ProConsultant Informatique (PCI) developed system manages all aspects of advertising including account management, campaign planning, scheduling and invoicing. “We believe that you cannot separate the two worlds of linear and nonlinear,” PCI chief executive Herve Obed told The IBC Daily. “It is one world with different streams. Our software now has the capability to manage both linear and nonlinear businesses.

This will bring lots of productivity to our customers who can automate their processes and maintain them, and evolve their businesses.”

The new functions allow for the management of both pre-roll and post-roll spots and also addressable campaigns that are targeted at specific customer segments or demographics. Cindy also includes modules for scheduling optimisation and yield management and offers updating and reporting capabilities. PCI makes Louise, a software system for managing programming, media assets and metadata including contract and rights management, programme scheduling, break management, budgets and multiplatform exposures.