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Checking for Rec. 2020 and DCI P3

Making its debut appearance on the IBC exhibition floor is X-Rite, a maker of colour management products for the photographic and video markets.

At IBC, it’s showing an update to its i1Profiler software featured in its i1 line-up, including i1Display Pro, i1Basic Pro 2 and i1Photo Pro 2. This update adds calibration support for the Rec. 2020 and DCI P3 standards. The software already supports standards such as NTSC, ITUR Rec.BT.709 and PAL SECAM.

Last November, X-Rite launched its first ColorChecker products designed solely for filmmakers and videographers, the X-Rite ColorChecker Video and the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video. X-Rite has already announced third-party software support with DaVinci Resolve, Color Finale and 3D LUT Creator, and display calibration partnerships with Atomos and SmallHD.

Liz Quinlisk, marketing director, photo and video, X-Rite, said: “X-Rite has been educating photographers for many years on the benefits of controlling colour throughout their workflow, and we know we have the same task with filmmakers. We’re committed to giving as many filmmakers as possible the control they need over their colour, whether on-screen, at camera, or in post production, and making that process as simple as we can.”

XP Distribution is the distributor for X-Rite’s products.