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Channel 4 News applauds IDS production timer

One year after the implementation of IPE’s IDS production timer, Channel 4 News is now using the technology across all its bulletins.

IDS was deployed by Channel 4 News for its lunchtime and evening bulletins as well as news flashes, following its hunt to find a replacement for its existing production timer that was obsolete, according to Martin Collett, programme director for Channel 4 News at ITN.

Collett told The Daily: “We wanted a production timer with more flexibility and IDS turned out to be the only solution that covered everything. It’s in daily use, it never crashes and never goes wrong. It has definitely improved our workflow. We’ve got lots of people who aren’t skilled in workflow who can now use the system.

There’s no limit in what we can add to it.

“With IDS we have gained additional functions on our previous production timer. Various elements in our bulletins had typically required certain details to be manually entered for each, but the IDS production timer calculates and enters those details for us automatically.”

“We have also just added the ability to display the status of our talkback system, so any worrisome issues can now be addressed immediately,” noted Collett.