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cfinder III laser range finder

cfinder III is the smallest, lightest and most advanced laser range finder so far developed by cmotion. It uses a certified Class 1 laser to accurately measure up to 10x faster than regular ultrasonic devices and measure distances up to 120m.

It can be used directly with any cvolution or Arri system as well as a range of other systems supporting Arri’s UDM protocol. When used in combination with cmotion lens data or Arri LDS, cfinder III can also be used for auto focus.

Its multi-function display (which can be inverted for operation from either side of the camera) shows a high-resolution distance read-out as well as menu access. An external display can also be connected. As with previous generations of cfinder, a sniper scope can be mounted to allow the operator to track a moving subject independent from the camera. The unit weighs 400g and costs €5,200.