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Cellular + satellite = CellSat

The combination of cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network carriers with Ku-band IP uplinks provided by Intelsat, forms the basis of Dejero’s new

CellSat technology, which should make it easier to go live from virtually anywhere. If cellular bandwidth dips, CellSat automatically blends-in satellite connectivity to provide enough bandwidth for the live shot.

“We are addressing the dilemma that broadcasters face about which video transport assets to deploy to a news story or live event,” explained Bogdan Frusina, founder of Dejero.

“By taking advantage of cellular and satellite connectivity, CellSat offers high reliability to our customers, with the convenience of procurement, network management, billing and support from a single vendor.

CellSat communicates with the satellite terminal auto-acquire system to simplify the satellite connection process. There is no need to schedule satellite time and the CellSat software dynamically allocates satellite bandwidth for optimal performance

“Dejero CellSat was designed with simplicity in mind so crews can focus on setting up quickly and getting the live shot back to the broadcast facility and on the air,” said Rob Cerbone, Intelsat VP and general manager of media services.

Dejero CellSat is available in the US and Canada with rollout to other regions set for 2018.