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The case for diopters stacks up

Building on the success of the original Leica Cine MacroLux +1 diopter, CW Sonderoptic is introducing two new diopters in the line, a +2 and a +0.5, all of which can be stacked together.

The three optics share the same mechanical housing, making them compatible with 95mm front diameter lenses. The MacroLux +2 offers a greater macro effect for table top and close-up work, while the +0.5 provides more options for use with wide-angle lenses.

Gerhard Baier, managing director, CW Sonderoptic, said: “Close focus wide angle cinematography is a very popular trend right now, and there is no easier way to bring that look to a large number of lenses than using the Leica Cine MacroLux +0.5. Plus, the fall off characteristics give a feeling of increased aperture to any lens, even very wide focal lengths.

“Adding the Cine MacroLux +2 was a must for completing this set,” he continued. “Even though all of these diopters can be stacked and combined, our clients doing macro work needed more flexibility and the +2 gives that to them because optically speaking, combining two +1s does not exactly equal +2. It’s closer to +1.7.”