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CantarX3 location orchestral recorder

The new Aaton Digital CantarX3 location 24-track digital audio recorder with a modular, expandable design, is now in production, and is designed for motion picture, location and orchestral recording.

It is joined by new accessories, including the Cantarem 2, an optional USB connected mixer panel that allows users to quickly add 12 more mixer faders when operating a high track count; the new Modular Bag. The Sound Mixer Rain Poncho another extra.

Transvideo, which is part of the same group as Aaton Digital, is celebrating 30 years in the industry, and is showing its range of high performance monitors, including the StarliteHD5, StarliteHD5 Arri and a StarliteHD Pack – including viewfinder adapter, sun hood, transportation cover plate and Peli case. The monitors offer many display and analytic features and have inbuilt recording and playback.