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Canon: Canon’s 4K cinema servo lens

The new Canon CN7x17 KA S is its first cinema lens to feature a servo drive unit, making it more suitable for handheld broadcast use for 4K and large sensor cameras.

It is claimed to offer a best-in-class focal length of 17-120mm, and is available in EF-mount and PL-mount versions, while the addition of the servo drive unit, with high speed zoom, iris and focusing, lends itself to a more fluid shooting style, for drama, documentaries or current affairs. Its low speed drive functionality offers greater control over slow zooming, while immediate start-up means shots won’t be missed in dynamic situations.

It supports 4K resolution shooting, with a 7x zoom range and a maximum T-number of T2.95.

The lens is also suited to tripod-mounted use. Zoom, focus and iris can all be controlled using Canon’s existing zoom and focus demands. Virtual studio use is also supported via 16-bit encoder output.

For more traditional movie-style shooting, the servo drive unit can be removed completely, with follow focus units and matte boxes fitted, while re-installation is quick and simple, with no adjustment of gear positions required.

The CN7x17 KAS S supports communication between lens and camera. The EF-mount version uses Canon’s own system, while the PL-mount variant is the first in the Cinema EOS series to support Cooke’s /i Technology. There is also support for 12-pin serial communication.

Canon will also be showing more than 100 lenses in a vast array of focal lengths and types, from ENG to cinema to EF lenses, at IBC, as well as numerous 4K demonstrations, including 4K output from studio camera configurations and live colour grading enabled by its 4K reference monitors.