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Canford: Launch of advanced IP MDUs

A new range of advanced IP addressable Mains Distribution Units (MDUs) has been announced by Canford here in Amsterdam.

Building on the hardware of its standard MDUs allowed Canford to focus on the most important aspect of these new IP MDUs; the user interface. A user friendly experience via the web interface has been achieved without compromising accessibility from smartphones, tablets and PCs, or any device with an HTML browser and an internet connection. Controlling the many available features is simple and intuitive, the company said, and is possible from anywhere at any time.

One of the more unique features of the Canford IP MDU is the ability to control door locks remotely. This enables off-site personnel to grant engineers or support team’s access to either server rooms or locked racks and cabinets.

Configurable aspects of the unit include: MDU current monitoring; MDU power monitoring (volts, amps, power factor and kWhrs); per socket control (on, off, time delayed and sequential start up); per socket monitoring; and environmental sensors (rack/room temperature and humidity).