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Can you hack it?

If you go down to Hall 5 today you never know what you may find. You may find hackers – but don’t worry. These hackers have come to IBC to join forces and create hacked solutions and inventions to invigorate and inspire the audiovisual industry over the IBC2015 weekend.

With over €5000 in cash prizes and a hugely influential jury of broadcast industry professionals as judges, The IBC Hackfest is a brand new creative space at IBC. The event kicks off on Friday 11 September and will see coders, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, hardware hackers, UX and UI specialists, data scientists and others converge on Hall 5 to brainstorm over a couple of days.

With traditional broadcast and cable TV undergoing disruption perhaps the best way to fight back is to innovate. At the IBC Hackfest, sponsors will set challenges to hackers and push outsiders to look at their brands in a new light. For media and broadcast industry companies trying to build a developer community, The IBC Hackfest could be considered a necessity.

The IBC Hackfest is also about empowering young talent with bright ideas to take on new and exciting challenges and to build new ideas in an innovative environment.

The winners will also walk away with cash prizes worth thousands of Euros. Join in – if you can hack it!