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Camerobot: Robot crew ups the speed

Ultra-fast, high-precision camera movements that were not previously possible with existing technology are promised by a new high-speed robot.

The company claimed its new high-speed Camerobot, used in combination with the lightweight but highly stable camera mount, delivers perfect, vibration-free images and sequences in impressive quality.

Mounting adapters are available for all the leading high-speed cameras such as Phantom, Weisscam, Arri and Red Epic, enabling them to be used with the system.

The high-speed robot can be controlled via a joystick or simply left to run in automatic mode. Programmed settings can be repeated as many times as desired in exactly the same configuration. Control of the robot in high-speed moves can also be accomplished by means of the target tracking option, which enables the camera to automatically follow a subject as it goes through an extremely fast sequence.

In standard configuration, the six-axis robot can reach a height of 2.05m and operate across a range of 1.86m, which can be further extended using linear axes.

A special software package for programming camera moves from a laptop, a precise zoom and focus control, a plinth and a transport box also form part of the system.