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Cameras controlled

Several new modules and frames to offer remote camera control flexibility are being exhibited by Norwia.

The new frames, the miniHUB-1RU-4-0 and miniHUB-1RU-3-1, form the base of a new platform on which customers can build flexible solutions to suit their individual needs. The new base frames are each able to hold a different amount of miniHUB cards, with the FR-1RU-3-1 providing space for a built-in multiplexer.

These additions to the Norwia range will add more signal density, while following the compact design of the

FR-1RU-2-0, said the company. It added that RCONmini functionality will be available as standard with optional power redundancy for AC or DC operation. With this, the customer will be able to easily upgrade or change configurations when necessary.

Norwia is also showcasing two new RS422/232/GPIO cards for transporting data control signals and tally, while simultaneously offering optional extras depending on the configuration of SDI or 1Gbit Ethernet circuits.

These new cards also provide data conversion between RS422 and RS232 over the optical data link, while giving the choice of multiplexing with other signal formats through the miniHUB optical transport system.