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Camera control centred on the presenter

A new top-end system, and a simple budget system for camera control, have been introduced by Telemetrics. The fully featured advanced control panel, the RCCP-1A, is designed for larger broadcast studios and legislative production centres.

While the existing RCCP-1 control panel provides access to a variety of menu controls of broadcast cameras without the need for dedicated camera control units or external paint boxes, the RCCP-1A takes this further by adding powerful, unified controls.

The RCCP-1A also includes Telemetrics’ patent pending advanced auto-sensing technology that automatically keeps talent centred in the frame and intuitively follows their movement.

Also new is the entry-level RCCP-M camera control unit, which combines an easy-to-use control interface with auto-sensing. It is aimed at non-technical staff working on cost-conscious productions.

It includes a full-colour 10.4-inch touchscreen interface, 3-axis proportional control pan/tilt/zoom joystick, and a large focus knob for precise camera control.

Users can also upgrade to advanced controls as needed (including dual joysticks). It has support for studio cameras from Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic and Sony, as well as PTZs from Telemetrics, Panasonic, Sony and Canon.