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CamBall3 adds DMX, IP and motion control

The CamBall3 range of remote weatherproof cameras has been extended with three new models, with improved sensors, and features such as DMX, motion control and IP.

The CamBall3 X adds 16-bit positioning and DMX control, which allows the camera to be integrated with a master show computer. It can still be controlled with any BR Remote controller, but can also be controlled via eight DMX channels, giving 16-bit precision in pan, tilt and zoom (plus focus and iris).

If the show computer can track follow spots, then it can track this camera. When used in Auto Tracking mode it can follow a designated artist very smoothly, including zoom and focus, thanks to BR’s PMS (Predictive Move Smoothing) algorithm, which predicts moves, smoothing between them, and copes with any missing data packets.

The unit now has a 20x optical zoom matched to a larger, higher resolution Exmor sensor offering 3x better low-light performance, making it more suited to indoor and other low light applications. Wide-angle or 30x lenses can also be fitted.

For AR/VR use, the CamBall3 XM adds motion control via the Free D or Bradley M* format with metadata for VR and AR, while the upcoming CamBall3 XMi will add IP control and fibre inputs and outputs.