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Calrec Audio: Tablet-style control adds finishing touch

The new Summa audio console is being showcased at IBC, aimed at a different market segment to that of the Apollo and Artemis digital audio consoles.

Calrec said the Summa was designed for broadcast professionals who need a straightforward solution for producing creative and engrossing broadcast audio, but don’t require all of the resources offered by the company’s higher-end consoles.

Designed to ensure intuitive operation in live broadcast applications, Calrec said Summa simplifies complex workflow tasks such as creating mix-minus feeds, with a highly intuitive GUI suitable for a broad range of operator levels.

Users control the console via a 17-in multitouch screen inspired by familiar tablet technology. The crisp high-resolution display provides elegant controls and a clear presentation of information. The console’s other large displays are fully configurable to display bus, output, and loudness meters, and they feature dedicated metering, routing, and processing information for each fader.

Bluefin2 technology gives Summa a pool of 180 channel processing paths, eight groups, four mains, 16 auxes, and 32 tracks. Its Hydra2 router core provides Summa with the same integral router technology as the Apollo and Artemis consoles.