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Calrec Audio: Assist apps allow for audio iPad tracking

The Assist suite of iPad apps have been launched to heighten the viewer experience and aid operators in busy production environments. Soccer Assist, Ice Hockey Assist and Fader Assist, take advantage of Calrec’s CSCP remote control protocol to simplify workflow and provide operators with new ways to interface with Calrec consoles.

Soccer and Ice Hockey Assist allows operators to simplify the complex tasks of tracking audio during a game, providing an alternative approach for highly experienced operators while allowing those with less experience to create a quality mix very simply.
“One of the many tasks the audio operator must manage is capturing all important events during live sporting occasions while maintaining a steady background level of crowd and venue noise,” said Calrec’s head of Sales Henry Goodman. “Calrec has developed these apps as an assistive tool to ease the pressure in this demanding working environment.”

Fader Assist allows operators to remotely control fader level, PFL, cut/on and aux/main routing on all Calrec Bluefin2 consoles. Calrec said the ability to remotely control these fader functions from any location within a Wi-Fi range provides a new level of flexibility and convenience for both mixing and set-up.