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C300 up to the Mark

With the EOS C300 as a broadcast mainstay for a few years, Canon has revamped the camera, which will now shoot 4K and Ultra HD, plus wider dynamic range (up to 15 stops).

The new C300 Mark II uses a new Canon-designed Super 35mm CMOS sensor that has twice the readout speed (reducing rolling shutter effects), and a more advanced imaging engine with dual DIGIC DV5 processors. The extra dynamic range is courtesy of a new Canon Log2 codec that retains more highlight and shadow information. It also has the Wide DR setting from the C100 MkII, which requires less work in post.

It also offers improved auto focus, extended ND filters, an increased ISO range of up to 102,400 for low light use, and dual CFast 2.0 card slots.

It has new XF-AVC recording codecs based on H.264 compression and MXF wrapping, with 10-bit 4:2:2 XF-AVC intra for 4K/UHD at 410, 225, 220, or 110Mbps, while HD and 2K can be recorded in 10-bit 4:4:4 at 210Mbps, or 12-bit at 225Mbps.

There are also XF-AVC Long GoP (50Mbps) and Proxy (35 or 24Mbps) options for 2K/HD recording, but not the MPEG2 format used on the C300. However, the C300 MkII won’t shoot at more than 30p in 4K/UHD, although it can go up to 100/120p in 2K/HD.