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C-COM Satellite Systems: iNetVu gets Eutelsat type approval

Eutelsat has given type approval to C-COM’s iNetVu FLY-75V Ka-band antenna system for use on its KA-SAT Tooway service

“We are very pleased with this type approval as this is the first of a series of iNetVu flyaway antennas which will be undergoing the approval process with Eutelsat,” said Bilal Awada, CTO of C-COM Satellite Systems. “The Fly-75V system has passed all mechanical, optical, and RF performance tests with high level of pointing accuracy and repeatability, as required by the Autopointing Verification Test per Eutelsat ESOG-1 Module 260 requirements.”

“This highly portable, lightweight system can be assembled by one person without any tools in less than 10 minutes,” said Leslie Klein, president and CEO of C-COM Satellite Systems. “It is aimed for broadcasters and first responders who require high speed broadband connectivity coupled with a quick field setup.”

A number of iNetVu FLY-75V mobile antenna systems have already been delivered to North American customers and they are now available to resellers in Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean basin.