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Building on the Epoch

Bluefish is demonstrating 4K high frame rate, high dynamic range video preview and mastering with Adobe Premiere Pro using the Epoch range of SDI video cards. The company is also introducing its new range of Kronos video cards,

Kronos complements the continuing Epoch range as Bluefish444’s new top of the line video card.

The card offers the choice of SD/HD/3G SDI connectivity, or SFP+ connectivity, which enables greater than 3G SDI and Video over IP across 10Gbps Ethernet. Kronos also has an eight lane Gen 3 PCIe interface.

The video cards offer resolution scaling, video interlace and de-interlace, hardware cßodec support, SDI-to-IP and IP-to-SDI conversions.

The Epoch and Kronos range are supported by the same cross-platform unified driver and API.

Additionally Bluefish444’s multi-channel capture software IngeSTore has been updated and is being demonstrated with extended codec support and ‘Edit While Capture’ functions.