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Building the modern production studio

Building a new production facility from the ground up can be a lot of fun. Starting with a clean slate means you can reimagine the way your organisation works, building facilities, workflow and job functions that match modern production needs.

We recommend that our clients start with the overarching goals of their organisations – the business goals. Clearly defined business goals will help to drive the decision making process and help determine what’s important in putting a solution together that best advances the business. The better you can tie business goals to your studio build, the clearer it will be what outcomes will be achieved.

At Ross, we see a very broad range of customer applications. There are a few common themes these days that our clients are looking to address as they rebuild or add to their existing studio systems.

Top three production goals:
1. Improved production look: Make my productions look better and more engaging to watch
2. Efficiency gains: Allow me to do more productions with fewer resources, keep my quality high while lowering my production costs.
3. Address expanded needs: Help me deal with the demand for more content for outlets like the web, social media or that new specialty channel we’d like to launch.

Improved production look: Other than the obvious migration to HD, the big three ways to improve the look of a production are: improved robotic camera shots with motion, richer graphics through upgraded graphics systems and improved graphics package design, and enhanced set design through the use of virtual and augmented reality graphics. Each of these can be added in ways that can reduce costs through efficiencies gained with automation and workflow.

Efficiency gains: Improved efficiency and the ability to do more with less is one of the most important driving forces in the design and equipment selection in today’s production studio. Automated pre-production workflows for editing and graphics can streamline the process, requiring less manual labour and getting content produced more quickly.

Production automation is virtually a given these days, with the majority of new builds automating their productions from day one. Production automation provides simultaneous quality improvements and cost savings while freeing staff to produce content for other outlets like the web and social media.

Expanded needs: The web and social media are now crucial content publication platforms. The new way of addressing these needs is to design the facilities and workflows so that these outlets are fully integrated into the operation and not a separate add-on. Again, the right tools, automation and workflow are key to making this an integrated and efficient process.

As a company focused on live production, Ross has been helping to drive these industry changes by working with our clients to achieve their business and production objectives. Drop by our stand – you are sure to be impressed with the variety of different ways we can help you make your productions better, grapple with new requirements like social and get more efficient all at the same time.