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Building a Trigger Happy community on All4

Speaking about the return of his hit noughties hidden camera show Trigger Happy TV, Dom Joly said that he hopes the new short-form version of the Channel 4 show will pave
the way for a community of like-minded pranksters to post content.

“Trigger is my calling card but we hope to use it to bring some other content under the brand. We want to be able to curate content as well as produce it on the All4 platform,” said Joly at Friday’s ‘Portability and Discovery’ session.

Joly’s six-minute show, which is being produced through Spirit Media, was commissioned by All4’s Charlie Palmer and will launch later this month.

“What I really like about online is that you can build a presence and if people like it then you are able to do much more leftfield stuff which can sit beside the main thing,” Joly added.

“That’s what I’m interested in doing, building up a community.”

The comedian admitted that if Trigger, originally a 23-minute sketch series which ran on Channel 4 in the early 2000s, had been produced any later than this, then he would probably have eschewed TV altogether and gone straight to YouTube.

“This time, we’ve had a bit more control and bit more time to get it working on All4.

It’s a different way of showing stuff,” he said.