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BT Sport will add UHD extras

BT Sport is ramping up its 4K sports coverage and will also start embracing the extra image benefits of HDR, Wider Colour Gamut and even Higher Frame Rates as the technology becomes available. Delia Bushell, MD at BT TV and BT Sport, said the broadcaster would blend in the additional upgrades probably in two years time.

In the ‘Telcos Tune into Broadcasting’ Keynote session, Bushell admitted the cost of Ultra HD represented a “big, very big investment. It has been a complex set of challenges but the output has worked seamlessly, and viewers will see more. We have stolen a major march on the competition, and 4K allows us to move further ahead.”

Bushell, who is just one year into her job, said BT’s commitment to sport was for the long term, as was BT’s recent agreement with the AMC channel and carriage of Netflix. “We want to be breaking their new productions for the UK, and it was a long-term partnership.”

It also seems there will be other channels. “Since signing the AMC deal, which was a great step forward, we have had quite a few approaches from other channels. We understand that viewers want great content, and while much of our focus has been on soccer, rugby and now cricket, we are open to new opportunities.”

Bushell explained that the EE cellular deal, should it close satisfactorily, would also represent a huge improvement for BT, and give it a Quad-play offering. “Then, it will start getting really interesting!”