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BroadStream Solutions: New raft of production utilities set sail

News production system Current, the Harbor master control automation system, and Armada, designed to help broadcasters handle specialised tasks such as time delay and localisation of feeds, have all been unveiled at IBC.

BroadStream Current allows news teams to begin working with incoming content directly from their desktops the moment it arrives and play immediately to air without transcoding delays. By offering content viewing and clip trimming inside the News Room Computer System (NRCS), Current adds certainty to content selection and rundown accuracy.

Harbor Master Control enables precision switching of live events while allowing broadcasters to make use of their existing investment in master control switchers and graphics systems. It offers integrated automation with closely coupled media management, and central storage with ingest and playout.

Harbor is built on the same computer platform as BroadStream’s OASYS integrated playout system, so it can easily be reconfigured as an OASYS system without swapping out any components when broadcasters wish to migrate.

“Successful broadcasters know the future revolves around live shows and events to drive viewership and generate revenue,” said BroadStream president of sales and marketing Ben Wolk. “Broadcasters delivering live content depend on their master control solution to deliver dynamic schedule control, accelerated content workflows and high-end event-driven graphics.”

Also released, Armada is a fleet of apps that can be combined and configured to handle specialised tasks, such as time delay applications that can be used for live event production and time zone delays. It also offers localisation apps that can be used to create solutions for the regionalisation and localisation of feeds, as well as media ingest solutions to manage the recording of live video feeds.