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Broadpeak: nanoCDN leverages home equipment

Leveraging equipment present in the home such as broadband gateways and set-top boxes, Broadpeak says that its nanoCDN technology enables operators to extend their CDN into the home network.

nanoCDN now supports four applications, including multicast ABR live multiscreen delivery, making live OTT video delivery to any device truly scalable, the company says, by turning millions of broadband gateways or STBs into active components of an operator’s content delivery infrastructure. Leveraging home networks, Broadpeak believes that operators can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services for millions of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from their network by implementing multicast support for most popular ABR formats.

The second application is video transparent caching, an application of nanoCDN that Broadpeak says allows operators to efficiently handle the growing volume of unmanaged video content on their backbones. Through nanoCDN, the company claims that operators can reduce peering costs for ISPs while optimising their network resources and improving the QoE for end users. The application paves the way for new business models, according to Broadpeak, enabling operators to monetise the caching capability with content owners, without the latter needing to modify their set-up.

VoD pre-caching is the third application. Leveraging customer premises equipment and multicast technology, the VoD pre-caching application of nanoCDN optimises streaming capacity and end users’ QoE for video-on-demand services. Broadpeak’s solution is installed in the equipment, enabling it to act like a cache server located near end users, since the CPE is inside the home network. Multicast is used to send video content to the home gateway during off-peak hours, improving QoE for all customers,

even those not eligible for Ultra HD, the company says.

The fourth application is multiscreen over satellite. With Eutelsat’s ‘smart LNB’, nanoCDN is said to enable cost-effective multiscreen video delivery over satellite.