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Brightcove: Performing at IBC: Immersive video

Designed, says the company, to serve the needs of the world’s leading video publishers, Brightcove is launching Perform at IBC. The new product is said to offer a robust set of management APIs and performance optimisation services that enable rich, immersive video experiences. Perform, says the company, combines the speed of the Brightcove player with the Perform player management system to create the fastest player on the market today.

Among Perform’s key features are the consistent experience it is said to offer across desktop and mobile, and its social sharing and integration. Precompiled plugins, skinned assets and thumbnails to minimise download size, optimisation to reduce network traffic and the ability to deploy changes to thousands of player embeds with batch publishing for increased time-to-market are said to make Perform very fast.

Perform enjoys a robust ecosystem of plugins and integrations, with management APIs to easily control player configurations. It is said to be easily integrated with CMS systems and to be easily customisable with CSS and JavaScript APIs.