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Brainstorm: Infinity and beyond

A virtual set technology that can be used in both tracking and trackless camera modes is being shown by Brainstorm at IBC.

Infinity Set features Brainstorm’s TrackFree, a new camera-tracking independent technology that combines in a single virtual camera the ability to operate as a complex camera tracking system with the ease-of-use of a trackless system like EasySet 3D.

TrackFree can use both internal chroma keying software and external chroma key hardware in the same production.

Brainstorm chief executive, Ricardo Montesa, said: “Infinity Set is the culmination of 20 years of innovation in Virtual Studio technology and realtime 3D graphics. It combines the raw power of the eStudio engine and the simplicity of use of EasySet to create a new environment for next-generation cross-media broadcast requirements.”

Brainstorm is also showing eStudio, EasySet 3D, BrainNews and the latest version of Aston 3D at IBC.