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Brainstorm at IBC Hackfest today

The world’s media is in a state of constant flux and the rules are being rewritten. Defending the status quo is no longer an option. Faced with unprecedented disruption the best tactic may be to break with convention and innovate a path to the future.

Hackfest is IBC’s call to action and it starts today. The event pits the code-breaking and programming skills of 100 UI designers, developers, data scientists and entrepreneurs on challenges set by forward-thinking sponsors.

The hackers are competing for a grand prize of €4,000 cash, while sponsors including Avid and Google get the chance to generate entirely new IP, solve uncrackable software problems, and test the boundaries of their brand on industry outsiders.

Each of the challenges at IBC Hackfest centres on smart cities and how we will work, live, travel and play in the city of the near future using AI, VR and IoT.

IBC has partnered with AngelHack, the world’s largest hackathon organiser, which has enticed the crème of international talent to take part. The event kicks off today at 07:00 in the Diamond Lounge with the hackers getting down to serious coding business from 11:00. Hackers don’t sleep – indeed the best work is often done in the dead of night, so while you get some rest they will be hard at work fuelled by refreshments and adrenalin until submissions close tomorrow afternoon.

The winners will be announced at 15:30 on Sunday in the Diamond Lounge.

Everyone is welcome to learn more about the Hackfest and its participants so come to the Diamond Lounge and cheer them on. This could be the place to think your way out of a problem.