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Bradley Engineering/ AltaSens: Remote 4K possibilities

A compact 4K remote controlled camera has been developed by Bradley Engineering using a new Super 35mm CMOS image sensor from AltaSens, with digital processing by JVC (AltaSens’ sister company).

It comes in three versions, but “the fibre back, we think, is going to be the one everyone goes for, because it’s 12Gbps,” said company founder, David Bradley. Using technology from Bluebell Opticom, the fibre back has a range of 10km, whereas the Quad HD-SDI back has a limit of no more than 10m, and the HDMI 2.0 back less than that, “and for a remote camera, that’s kind of pointless,” he admitted, although they will suit some applications.

The 15W (12-15v) camera was built around the Micro Four Thirds lens mount, as he wanted to make sure the camera would have a good choice of affordable lenses of sufficient resolution, and MFT was the best choice (with lots of adaptors available for other mounts). It will include remote zoom and focus, and will work with Bradley’s standard remote control panel.