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BlueLine Transcoder Series launched

The BlueLine Transcoder Series (BLT) IP video transcoding platform is being launched by WISI at IBC.

Developed and built by WISI’s transcoding team in Canada, Inca Networks, the WISI BlueLine Transcoder Series features MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC IP transcoding in a 1RU slot, with density options for up to 24 channels. Validated against thousands of broadcast streams worldwide, the BLT offers a variety of models to transcode, transrate or downscale HD and SD sources.

Supported features include multilingual DVB subtitle burn-in and optional high-density audio transcoding. Third-party video and audio technologies have been certified with all WISI transcoders and the appropriate licenses are properly protected.

The BLT is said to be compatible with other WISI video delivery platforms such as Tangram and Chameleon for a full end-to-end headend solution. Configuration and troubleshooting are claimed to be simple with its web-based management interface as well as automated handling and recovery of ‘challenging’ video sources.

With the BLT series, WISI says that operators can affordably launch new HD and SD programmes in cable or IPTV headends, and reduce business risk by replacing
end-of-life transcoder products.