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Black Box: IP extension expands KVM control

InvisaPC, a KVM-over-IP system that works over a local area network (LAN) or the web, has been released.

InvisaPC extends and switches DVI-D video and USB-HID signals with low latency to deliver realtime performance for video, keyboards and mice across IP networks. This enables hardware-based desktop extension of multiple physical CPUs or virtual machines.

The InvisaPC is a scalable solution; Black Box said users can start with a small point-to-point extension setup and transition to an unmanaged, network-based matrix switching configuration.

The system provides integrated support for back-racked PCs and virtual desktops. Desktop virtualisation is deployed through a PC or server that hosts multiple virtual desktops (Microsoft only). However, the workstations are OS-independent when using an InvisaPC transmitter.

InvisaPC transmitters and receivers don’t require any drivers or software to be installed on computer and are plug-and-play, directly connecting to the network interface right out of the box.