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Big update for little monitors

The latest firmware update for SmallHD’s 500 Series 5-inch monitors adds image capture and overlay, HD waveform, audio meters and more.

The 1920×1080 501 (HDMI) and 502 (SDI and HDMI) monitors can now capture 1080p raw images from the live camera feed, while Image Overlay lets users load any JPEG (including an image capture) from the SD card and display it at varying opacity levels over the live feed, providing an instant comparison between two shots.

New analysis tools include HD Waveform, which displays monitor luminance or individual RGB levels in HD resolution, and on-screen audio meters accompanied by audio line headphone output.

There is also an Auto Image Flip that automatically orients images right-side-up when the monitor is mounted up-side-down, plus Anamorphic De-squeeze to display a normal image when shooting with anamorphic lenses.

Users can now access the Display Calibration LUT (lookup table) within each monitor and replace the standard Rec.709 colour calibration with another 3D LUT file from a colour management application like Lightspace CMS.