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Big switch for Zhejiang TV

A recent large switch implementation for Zhejiang Television is being showcased by IHSE.

At the Zhejiang International Film and Television Center building in Hangzhou, operational staff spread over several floors in the building need instant access to broadcast equipment and systems located several tens or hundreds of metres away in another part of the building.

IHSE reported that the centre installed a 160-port IHSE Draco tera enterprise KVM switch, which connects 100 operators to more than 70 source devices via CatX or fibre cables, depending upon the actual distance involved.

A large multi-segment videowall situated in the newsroom is also connected to the KVM switch.

Terence Teng, APAC managing director, IHSE, said: “This large switch implementation in such a prestigious broadcasting organisation in China shows how important and credible the Draco tera KVM switch is to the industry.

It is flexible enough to adapt to all the original requirements demanded of the system and can be updated and changed to meet future needs.”