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‘Big Screen’ goes HDR

For the first time, the IBC2016 Big Screen Experience conference stream will feature High Dynamic Range projection provided by long-term supporters Dolby Laboratories

For the first time, the IBC2016 Big Screen Experience conference stream will feature High Dynamic Range projection provided by long-term supporters Dolby Laboratories. In addition Dolby Atmos immersive audio will be featured again powered by QSC Audio.

The Big Screen Experience conference stream, which kicks off on 9 September, will focus on the wide gamut of key developments that affect the art, science and business of the motion-picture sector from production through to exhibition. The stream offers an editorially-led programme that is set up as a state-of-the-art cinema – this enables the many salient topics of the programme to be directly experienced as well as academically discussed.

Of the four-day conference, the Friday and Saturday will focus more towards the capture end of the content-supply-chain and new tools from motion capture to light field imaging will be examined. The culmination will be a masterclass from visual effects guru, Kevin Baillie, on the application of virtual sets in productions such as Robert Zemeckis’ and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s, The Walk. The Sunday and Monday will, among other topics, examine experiential innovation (such as High Dynamic Range, Wide Colour, Immersive Audio and High Frame Rate) as well as business innovations such as in marketing and analytics.

“With the digital transition behind us, the industry is currently taking stock and examining its future direction. Digital is enabling new ways to shoot movies, capture performance and manipulate in post-production elements that were otherwise locked in. What does it mean for story-tellers that virtual reality is knocking on the movie industry’s door? New levels of immersion are on offer but which will become part of tomorrow’s cinema? And digital is now enabling the distributor, advertiser and cinema operator access to big data and sophisticated analytics so that digital marketing might too play its role in driving ROI,” said Julian Pinn, consulting executive producer, IBC Big Screen Experience.

The Big Screen Experience is part of the overall conference entitled “Transformation in the Digital Era: Leadership, strategy and creativity in media and entertainment”, which sees more than 300 executives sharing insights on key issues at the heart of the entertainment, media and technology sectors.