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Big Screen comms sorted

Clear-Com has announced its status as technical supporter of communications equipment for the IBC Auditorium for the duration of IBC2016.

Designed to IBC’s technical specifications, the Auditorium features the very latest sound technology and state-of-the-art cinema projection. As well as the four-day conference, the Auditorium will host the IBC Awards ceremony and the IBC Big Screen showcase presentation of Disney’s

The Jungle Book in Dolby Vision.Phil White, technical director at IBC, said: “The versatile nature of the IBC Auditorium provides us with a challenging environment, as we need to set up, produce and de-rig back-to-back events throughout IBC.

Clear communication across the team is essential to the smooth running of each event, so we needed comms equipment with the capacity for multiple concurrent conversations and good audio quality.

Clear-Com’s range gives us that flexibility and clarity, as well as the knowledge that the equipment is reliable and robust enough to get us through every event.”

Working with the IBC technology team, which supplies and installs the audio equipment for the overall production, Clear-Com will provide an array of equipment including HelixNet digital partyline and Eclipse-HX Delta digital matrix solution, FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks, as well
as the recently launched CC-110 lightweight, high-performance headsets.