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BHV Broadcast: Easy-DC offers long-distance power

The new Easy-DC rounds out BHV’s range of power equipment by providing a low-cost, long distance power system via coax for monitors, cameras and LED lights in situations when AC is difficult or dangerous to access.

It can operate at distances of up to 300m, and has a rugged design for use on location. There are two units: a transmitter, which takes 10-19volt DC input and transmits it over coax cable; and a receiver, which outputs 12v DC.

The Easy-DC joins the existing Video Ghost, the video equivalent of phantom power for audio, which has been updated with various operational improvements and runs serial digital video plus DC power in one standard coaxial cable, supplying 65W of power at up to 150m. There is also a 1RU rack-mounted version, GhostRack offering four channels of power over coax with integral power supplies and front panel monitoring, which is suitable for OB vehicles needing to run power and video over standard coaxial cable for four camera and/or monitor channels.