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Bespoke pay-TV on Freeview HD

THEMA, a Canal+ group company specialising in foreign TV channel distribution, is distributing four pay TV channels on Freeview HD devices.

The channels include JSTV and JSTV2, the only Japanese channels available in Europe, and kykNET and kykNET Musiek which provide a range of Afrikaans entertainment.

In order to bring the channels onto the terrestrial platform, Arqiva’s Connected Solutions team has launched two hybrid IP-TV portals with pay capabilities allowing a simple two minute signup process for viewers to watch premium content on Freeview HD devices.

Additional bespoke work allows THEMA to manage subscriptions effectively and get insights into subscribers’ behaviour.

Tom Cape, Arqiva director of connected solutions, said, “By creating a bespoke pay-TV capability for the THEMA channels, we’re allowing greater flexibility in the content they serve and how they engage with their audiences.”