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Beillen Battery – Jiade Energy Technology

Two new ranges of lithium-ion battery with USB output for charging mobile phones and tablets have been introduced by Beillen.

The NE and NC series of batteries and the high-load HE and HC batteries both have the USB port and come in V-mount and Anton/Bauer versions.

The NE and HE models have an LED power check indicator (with five LEDs for time remaining capacity), while the NC and HC batteries have a small LCD screen that precisely displays the remaining capacity, charge period, etc.

The NE/NC range comes in four power capacities: 95Wh (weighing 760g), 160Wh (1120g), 190Wh (1120g) and 230Wh (1320g), with a standard power tap connector to power a camera light directly.

They use nickel sheet in the construction (to connect the cell and PCM), which is unusual for routine production but has the advantage of minimising the voltage drop.

There are also four capacities in the 14.8v HE/HC range: 93Wh, 155Wh, 185Wh and 255Wh (each at the same weights as the respective versions in the NE/NC range). They offer a maximum load of 180W,