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Behind the Scenes upgrade for multiCAM Radio

The visual radio production system multiCAM Radio, which uses artificial intelligence connected to the audio console and real-time analysis to do automated video production, has received a major upgrade.

It now has a Scenes feature that automatically manages graphics overlays, including the names of speakers, as well as jingles, advertisements and more.

Stan Walbert, CEO, multiCAM Systems, said: “Scenes, in connection with the [overall AI] programme, provides an enriched and interactive flow. Very easy to configure, it can be adapted to any type of radio
[such as music or talk].”

The AI in the system manages the selection of presets and production based on information gathered from microphones (including speaker detection) and the XML commands coming from the existing radio automation, making it simple to live stream programmes on the internet with video, said the company. Users include Bel RTL, Fun Radio Bruxelles, Medi 1 and Mosaique FM.