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BB&S banks on shorter Pipeline

Denmark’s BB&S has introduced a new compact LED remote phosphor fixture, the Pipeline One-Foot 4-Bank. This panel light has four 30cm remote phosphor pipes mounted in individual intensifiers to produce up to 4000 lumens of output at a uniform 98 TLCI, while drawing just 40W.

It weighs less than 1.4kg and measures 30x20x3.8cm. It offers 90º light dispersion and can be mounted flush against a wall or ceiling, or hung with a variety of optional hardware accessories.

It is suited to both small studios and field production, and is available in 3200K, 4300K and 5600K versions (each costing $595).

An optional BB&S 48V four-way controller with DMX, (four individually controlled 40W channels) can handle four of the lights or three of them plus several One-Foot Pipelines. This provides smooth, flicker-free dimming all the way to zero.