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Batteries square up to handling challenge

Classic style rectangular batteries can interfere with certain camera systems when they are directly mounted on the back of some cameras, which is why Beillen’s new R-series and X-series batteries are almost square. This more compact shape makes them easier to work around.

The new batteries are also narrower (92mm), to fit better with the latest digital cinema cameras.

The 14.4V BL-R range comes as two models: the 1318g BL-R-BP160/AN160, 11Ah, 158.4Wh version, with a maximum output of 10A/120W; and the 1410g BL-R-BP240/AN240, 16.5Ah, 237.6Wh version, with a maximum output of 12A/150W.

The high-load 14.4V BL-X models can all output 15A/180W and comprise: the 798g BL-X-BP99/AN99 (6.86Ah, 98.78Wh); the 1057g BL-X-BP150/AN150 (10.29Ah, 148.18Wh); the 1245g BL-X-BP160/AN160 (11Ah, 158.4Wh); and the 1433g BL-X-BP250/AN250 (17.15Ah, 247Wh).

Both types of battery include D-Tap and USB connections, and are Beillen’s first batteries built with a honeycomb structure to better protect the cell and PCB, even when they are dropped.