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Balancing act

Providing fixed gain or 30dB (0.1dB step) attenuation control of L Band or 70/140mHz based IF signals, the VGU010 system from Peak Communications can be used for balancing signals during commissioning to overcome differences in cross-site losses. It also provides a convenient facility for remote gain control of uplink/downlink chains.

These modular ‘field expandable’ units accept up to 10 channels and, being hot-swappable, can be inserted/replaced in the VGU010 unit from the rear without the need to remove power or disturb the other channels, enhancing maintainability.

The modules can be fitted with fail-safe bypass switching options and the chassis is mains powered with dual redundant, modular, hot-swappable power supplies as standard, providing necessary system reliability/availability.

Peak explained it is now able to provide an LNB powering facility from within each module, with current monitoring and user settable alarm levels for downlink applications.

Adding further flexibility to the range, the company is now also able to offer splitter/combiner combinations that can be fitted into spare module slots.