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Back-up and restore added to Indigo

The Indigo frame system has been enhanced with the ability to back-up and restore settings.

Especially useful for big systems, the new feature makes it possible to duplicate installations, put replacement boards into the correct state and return an installation to a recorded state.

When a change is made to the live frame settings the changes are automatically backed up to the frame CPU and can also be copied to a file on a PC, with the option of restoring settings either manually or automatically.

Designed to be an affordable higher quality alternative to using a studio mixer, Safire 3 Xpress is intended for weather, news bureaus and other single static camera 3Gb/s, HD or SD live applications that require high quality chroma keying combined with easy control.

Features include tools to eliminate key noise and transparency, tune the backdrop key colour, manage colour spill and compensate for uneven studio lighting.