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Doing away with the middle man

Orchestration is enterprise media management software that integrates content pools and automates workflows across different verticals including programmes, promos, news, sport, lifestyle and more. It provides a consolidated view of all media assets across the business with tools to automate and optimise workflows from acquisition to production, and for distribution of content to multiple broadcast platforms.

Delivered with Dalet Report Centre, Dalet Orchestration offers critical business intelligence data tailored for media operations.

Arnaud Elnecave, VP of marketing, Dalet, said: “The complexity in the production and distribution chain continues to rise as facilities strive to improve productivity while pursuing new avenues of revenue.

Media organisations need to become more agile and build an enterprise solution that connects internal content sources to the whole of the business, disintermediates the content supply chain, enables efficient multiplatform distribution, streamlines human workflows, standardises technical processes and provides visibility throughout the chain.”

Dalet Orchestration allows media organisations to design, plan, execute, control and monitor the increasingly complex chains of activities, claimed the company, allowing them to distribute to more outlets today and in the future.