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Avid graphics deal

NEP Group worked with design firm DD8 to implement Avid graphics systems as part of a broadcast production infrastructure for Seven Network’s coverage of the Rio Olympics, Avid announced.

For coverage of the Games, NEP built a three-channel broadcast centre in Sydney. This included an Avid graphics system comprising Maestro, TD Control, RealSet and PowerWall, to deliver live graphics and real-time AR content. This included an AR system with three cameras outputting AR data so that directors could cut to any of the cameras and maintain the audience’s view of the graphics.

“An event as large and complex as the Rio games can be very challenging and demanding,” Angus Millar, head of production, NEP Australia.

“We spent a year assessing possible graphics systems for the Rio games, and demoed systems from several vendors. Only Avid offered a complete integrated system with the power and reliability we needed.”

NEP Group also used Avid post and newsroom systems to deliver content for three Seven Network channels. Eleven Media Composer suites and a Pro

Tools suite were managed via Interplay Production.