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Aveco:Doing what we do best

So here we have another war at the gates of the EU. The good thing is, that it is well timed; it did not destroy the good impression from the Olympic Games. Both main sources of the fuel of this industry, professional sports and news, have a lot of content.

Let’s not comment on our unlimited will to talk about defending the law and democracy, let’s look at the state of the industry from technological point of view.

The Olympics showed that 4K is a viable technology for which there exists a broad choice of equipment that is easy to use, that delivers results that are pleasure to watch and that hopefully finds its way through distribution networks to large enough family of viewers to prove the economic reasons for its existence.

As to war news, camera crews have no easy access, thus broadcasters’ news departments depend mostly on mobile phone videos and information published on social media. In parallel, they think about how to turn viewers back to TV screens from those same online resources.

The whole industry is in the state of permanent revolution. New products, new versions, even new standards are being thrown into the market just to see whether they are accepted, without much research background. The online world is a jungle with technologies and companies appearing and disappearing daily, and broadcasters are investing heavily into this world without working business models, but also without the option of not being there.

What are the main drivers that will affect our technology the most?
First is the massive amount of acquisitions and consolidations going on among technology companies. These companies seem to change their focus from developing high performance “open” products to convincing customers to buy it all from their ‘one-stop’ shops.

Even competing product lines are now merging with promises of seamless integration and continued support. This is a big risk factor that you, the customer, has to consider.

A real threat is the ITU second digital dividend where the frequency band assigned to broadcast is to be handed over to mobile operators. This can hit broadcasting really hard. Who will benefit from it? Governments will earn money from the frequency auctions, mobile and internet operators will of course benefit, too. And who will pay for it? You, me and all TV viewers.

How does Aveco serve its customers in this turbulent times?
We stick to our guns.
We provide our in the cloud, in the box, and in the rack solutions.
We provide our stability with more than 22 years of relationships with customers worldwide.
We provide our independence, gluing all brands into seamless workflows, without any overriding corporate policies.
We provide our comprehensive product range — MCR automation, news production automation, plus more.
We stay at the cutting edge of technology with solutions from high end to news studio in a box, the only integrated studio automation package available on the market. This is not just an entertainment industry. We produce tools to rule the world.