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Audio world launch:

Lawo’s mc²36 all-in-one audio console has made its premiere at IBC2014, unveiled at a high-energy launch that included a live audio over IP mix of German rockers Rammstein.

“The mc²36 is the first production console Lawo has ever built that is designed as an all-in-one concept,” said Lawo’s senior product manager for Audio Production, Christian Struck (pictured).

“It needs no external racks, as surface, I/O and DSP are all built-in, which makes it very compact.”

He added: “The newly designed DSP micro-core with internal 512×512 port audio matrix and inbuilt Ravenna/AES67 connections make this console a fully networkable desk, and 100% future proof.”

The mc²36 features onboard Loudness Metering and offers 21.5-inch full HD touchscreens with touch-sensitive colour-illuminated rotary encoders.

“We expect it to be used for broadcast operations of course, but the portability also makes it suitable for rental applications and we see it going into theatres and houses of worship as well. We’re looking into whole new groups of operators with this desk.”