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Atomos: World’s smallest ProRes recorder

The tiny new Ninja Star from Atomos is a flash-based Apple ProRes recorder and player for extreme applications that costs just $295, and should be ideal for use on remote-control helicopters or with point-of-view cameras.

It doesn’t have a monitor, but weighs only 240g with the included battery and a low-cost Gen 1 CFast solid-state memory card. It has HDMI input, and its small, self-contained size and flexible mounting options should allow users to mount it to just about any PoV set-up (such as action cameras that record internally only in MPEG).

As its dimensions are only 95mmx60mmx22mm, it is the world’s smallest ProRes recorder, and can record 10-bit 4:2:2 images, with up to almost three hours of Apple ProRes HQ using a 256GB card (it also records ProRes 422 and LT). Atomos is also offering its own branded CFast 1.0 media in 64GB ($159) and 128GB ($239) cards, and custom HDMI cables. It comes with a CFast USB 3 reader.

“We have priced this for the masses, broken the barrier to flash media cost by offering affordable CFast and supplied clever cabling solutions that customers desire,” stated Jeromy Young, CEO and founder of Atomos.

The Ninja Star offers frame accurate timecode (via HDMI) and Start/Stop Trigger, thanks to co-operation from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon and JVC. Audio can be taken direct from the camera on the two embedded digital channels or an external microphone can be added via the audio line-in port for an extra two channels of analogue audio. It also has an HDMI out for an external monitor.
The battery should last for about five hours, although it takes only one Sony camera battery instead of the dual battery ports seen on the bigger Ninja and Samurai recorders.