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ATG Danmon:No substitute for experience

Business in broadcast is going soft. Not the difficulty of integrating media systems as a task; that remains a challenging proposition requiring skills in project and capital management, technology mastery and team leadership that only a few companies like ATG Danmon can offer at a high quality. Media systems are turning increasingly into software systems that require integration, needing a new set of skills and experiences for successful implementation.

ATG pioneered the introduction both of file-based content management and multi-definition content management with a long series of successful systems projects stretching back over nearly two decades. Over that time we’ve learned to adapt our skill sets to include IP and software based systems necessitated by the kinds of solutions our customers demanded. In order to find a modern integrator who can provide solutions that work today, it is important that customers understand the following factors:

1. There is no substitute for experience in media systems. Detailed knowledge of the broadcast business and the bridges necessary to ensure full compatibility between every element of the production chain is essential. In plain language, that means careful product selection and configuration to ensure the compatibility and seamless controllability of products from multiple vendors.

2. Customer consultation right from the start. The senior managers at many broadcast organisations have brand preferences, particularly in their choice of software, based on personal operational experience or the preferences of their production teams. Our task is either to incorporate those preferences or draw attention to alternatives where these have really proved to be superior.

3. Process automation where possible. Whether ingest, post production, MAM systems, single channel or multichannel playout; broadcasting and media-management do not have to be synonymous with a heavy staff workload. The systems we are called upon to design today incorporate a high level of operational efficiency while retaining the freedom for operators to accommodate creativity or late changes.

4. Configurability within a wide window is important. The best modern broadcast products, software in particular, can be shaped to match customer practices and authority levels, workflows particular to an organisation or peculiarities different from other organisations. Deep and very low level configuration, plus a good understanding of APIs, scripts and software architectures, are becoming increasingly important.

IP networking is everywhere; make it your friend. This is now attracting a major proportion of attention in ATG Danmon projects. One cannot forget baseband skills and it remains certain that SDI systems are far from dead, but systems integrators have to put effort into mastering this ubiquitous transport.

Modern systems in media require a rare combination of experience and deep specific domain knowledge. ATG Danmon is dedicated to continuous training, development and skills enhancements. This has helped us in our systems integration projects and led to success for our technology partners. If you wish to know more about how ATG Danmon has undertaken developments in these areas, come and see us on our IBC booth, Hall 8, B51.